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Laser Engraving - How to use

Welcome to use NEJE Model: DK-8-KZ Laser Engraving Machine Course. 

NEJE DK-8-KZ is a desktop miniature engraving machine designed for desktop computers.


We will use the gray cardboard to carve as an example to explain, please follow the instructions to do your operation.

✓  Obtain a desktop computer or laptop computer (computer operating system requirements is winXP, window 7, win8, win10);

  Obtain a Usb rechargeable head (5V1A) (Apple, Samsung, Huawei mobile phone head can be, Support 5V1A or more);

  Open the packaging, remove the fixed tape and pearl cotton on the machine;

  Adjust the focal length of the laser, factory default settings the focal length of the gray cardboard, there is no need to do any adjustment. If you need to carve the object in different thickness, you need to place the object in the engraving platform and adjust the focus manually, when in the first operation, it is recommended to use a gray cardboard (in the package list) to carve;

The method of adjust the focal length as follow:
1️⃣ Fixed the surface of the carved objects at the level of the bearing table, put on the focusing glasses( sent in random) (maybe will not adapt it at the beginning, just to be used as focus),rotate the focus head manually, shown in figure:

2️⃣ Observe the light down to the surface in the smallest point of the object , when the rotation to the smallest point, indicating that the focal length has been adjusted, note that the smaller the focus adjustment, the image engraving effect is more fine, if the focal length is not adjusted, there may be no image to be carve;

Safety precautions:
1.Our machine certified to CE and FDA certification,the radiation values far below the EU and the United States standards, please rest assured that use;
2.If the hand touch the laser in accidentally when in work, don't worry about that it will not burn the your hand;
3.Do not remove the laser head!
4.Do not use in where the children can touch!
5.Keep away from flammable and explosive materials!
6.The top design of the machine has an emergency pause button that can be used in an emergency!

Step 1: Connection

As shown in the picture: Connect the round port usb cable to the 5V1A power adapter; connect the D port data cable to the computer usb port;

After the connection, the machine will detect the edge distance automatically , and then start the second step.

Step 2: Install the driver

The following is the windows download resources drive and software for windows,click me download! (the software have updated from 2017.11.1) download and decompress before the installation, first install the driver, then install the software, first connect the machine to the computer and then install):
download and decompress, first install the driver, as shown below, after the success of the installation click to confirm bottom, and then close the installation window;

Step 3: Start the software

a. Open the software 
The software will connect to the machine automatically, if you do not understand the English interface, please select Language!

1. If you start the software, appear such a prompt (see below), please download the .net framework 4.0 click me download.
or download from (recommend)Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer) 

.net 4.0 Supported Operating System:

Laser Engraver

2. Win 8 and Win 10 are already installed, You don't have to install it. If your computer is XP SP1 or SP2 the .net 4.0 framework may not be able to support. If the packages with tf card or CD, Please copy to the desktop and extract it into desktop.
3. Do not Repeat open the software , otherwise the software will not be able to connect to the machine.
b. Test the text print 
Enter "my test", you can select "font", select the font and the font size, and then click "insert", click the middle of the software area, then insert the text to print the area;



Then set the burn time (drag the slider, different materials, different burn depth should choose the different burn time, the test gray cardboard we choose the burn time 30) - click on "send pictures to engraving machine" (probably Wait for 5 seconds) - then click "Start".
Click on the start, the machine began to work.
also you can drage a jpg(512x512) picture to the area.Download sample picture click me!
Now, Let's start my first work.

Software can not connect, how to deal with this situation?
s show in the picture:
Laser Engraver

The software stays in wait for situation has two reasons: 
1.D port usb cable of the machine is not connected to the computer;
Please make sure to connect the usb cable into a well-connected computer usb interface, and to select the normal function computer usb interface;
Note: the round mouth is the power cable, connect the 5V1A power adapter. D port is the data line, connect the computer. Do not inversely connect.

Laser Engraver

2.How to know the successful installation of the driver: when insert the machine's data cable into the computer usb interface, you can check in my computer - Property - Device Manager - CH340 port:

Laser Engarver

If you find the CH340 port, it is certain that the driver had been installed;
To ensure that the normal connection and successful installation of the driver, if still can not connect, please restart the computer, re-operation again;
What material can be carve? Does metal can be carve?
Like wood, cardboard, combustible plastic, leather, etc. burnt black material can be carved; can not directly carve metal, but can be carve when the metal fill in paint.
The machine is working , but the laser does not light?
may be the laser burns out.
The machine and the laser work properly, but not carved?
There are two reasons for this situation:
1.The carving material is not smooth so the material can not be burned;
2.The focal length of the laser is not debuged to the minimum point;
When start the carving, the laser is at work, but the machine does not move?
The reason is that the power cable is not powered, please make sure that whether the power supply is normal;
when the two cable had Successful connection, the machine is in Automatic detection ? if yes, it shows that that the power supply is normal.
If you sure that there is no power supply, replace the power supply, or replace the power cable (each power cable will detect the power supply function before they leave the factory, in normal condition,it will in normal power supply)
How to fixed the engraved objects?
2 methods:
1. Ues the rubber band (sent in random);
2.Place the silicone pad on the bottom plate and place the object directly on the silicone pad (recommended) as shown below (the black silicone pad sent in random):

Laser Engarver

3.The user design the card slot by themselves.
how to do when it can not focus on?
Has these two situations:
1.Beyond the focus rang of the machine.
2.Carved objects astigmatism.
How to engrave the transparent objects?
Just partly transparent objects can be engrave if the objects can be burned.
The method is, first use the black pen (sent in random) to paint the surface and then start to carve, 
after complete the carving you can wipe off the black part.
How many pictures can the machine store?
Can store one picture that last sent to the machine;
How to choose engraving position?
The software design three kinds of positioning tools, as shown:
How about offline engraving?
On the product back, there are left , right, position, start, pause and other multi-function bottom;;
Insert two usb into the mobile power, control button can be make the offline engraving;
How about online engraving?
The motherboard back design 2 data interface, the need for parallel machine 2 usb offline energization,
you can use 1 with 2pin 2.54 interface line, take the signal in the master machine, to achieve that 
the master machine drives multiple machines to work at the same time. One computer control N machines.
(product list without the interface line accessories, you can DIY by yourselves if you interest in this 
function. Note, Interface line should be anti-connected)
How to set the depth of carving?
The depth of carving is determined by two factors:
1.Whether the focal length is fine;
2.Set the burning time (the longer time, the greater the depth, the slower the time)
3.Repeat the engraving function, can achieve greater depth of engraving.
Why is engraving ineffective?
Novice carving, mainly not familiar with the focus adjustment and positioning function, wear glasses when
you adjust the focal length, with a gray cardboard auxiliary focus; different materials have different 
effects in different burning time, need to study slowly;
How to make good carving effect?
Good carving effect is determined by 3 factors:
1.The understanding of the material, whether the material is easy to burn, whether the carving is smooth;
2.Whether the focal length adjustment is good, pay attention to the focal length about the light to the surface of the carved object;
3.Whether the burn time is suitable for the engraving object.
How to deal with the falling focus ring?
If you accidentally fall the focusing lens during the focusing, it does not matter, upside down the 
machine , down the spring in big mouth , and re-screw.
How to stitch the engraving?
Can use the positioning function, split the picture;
What about the laser head life?
All laser products have a service life, this model uses Nichia 405nm laser, laser tube official life 
is 100,000 hours, but the actual life according to the actual usage. Half an hour of aging, to ensure 
all the tested products in good quality.
How to judge the laser head burned?
1.When the machine is working, the light was significantly weakened.
2.When the machine is working, the light scattered, unable to focus and the light weakened.
Customer works:
Statement: works from customers, copyright owned by the customer!

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